Mileage and travel time cost outside of the Midlands - £0.50/mile 


Uploaded to the internet for viewing around the world via a computer or mobile device (private video) - £35.00


USB memory stick in a box - £22.50


Extra time above the 4 hours of package - £30/hour

Live Streaming

from £245.00









The funeral/remembrance service/grave side will be live streamed to the internet so that anyone around the world with internet access can view in real time


The live streaming will be from one camera and multiple microphones


A personalised web page will be prepared beforehand on which the live stream can be viewed


The link to this web page will be sent in advance so that you can send to those wishing to view and they will be comfortable with knowing that they will be able to see the live stream


A final edited version of the live stream video will be available as a private link to view afterwards and available to download and save onto a computer

Filming of event

£ 350.00

Funeral Filming Package

This price is for:


A typical British funeral

Start at Church/Crematorium etc

Through to Wake

Coverage of up to 4 hours

Final video supplied on a USB memory stick


+ travel costs from Coventry


(For non-British type funeral,

contact Peter)

To find out if I am available, please call or text me, Peter: 079 7467 4815

or email me at


Filming (include extras)
Funeral Date
Name of Deceased