This is a very difficult time with the spread and threat of the Coronavirus. Many people might not be able to make the funeral or advised to stay away from crowds


I am very experienced in Live Stream technology and have Live Streamed many events over the past few years.


  • A personalised website page is set-up beforehand - you provide photographs
  • You will be able to share the web address with friends and relatives in the UK and around the world who can watch on any internet access computer or mobile device etc
  • Professionally filmed with one camera and a variety of microphones to catch audio
  • After the funeral, the video will edited and available to view and download




£245.00 + travel from COVENTRY


+£65.00 for any extra venues - or

+£40.00 if burial on Church grounds

+£40.00 for grave filling in


+£60.00 for accommodation if travelling a distance

Recent Recorded Live Stream broadcast

Due to Corona Virus

"A few of our friends have gone now and I have watched their funeral services on line because of the coronavirus ~ mainly in crematoriums ~ but your recording of Grace's funeral ~ even down to the graveside/interment service excelled them all.

Thank you again" - Eve