About Me

Peter is a professional broadcast cameraman, trained as a sound engineer in the BBC but developed his skills into filming and video production.  He worked for charities for over 20 years and has filmed in many humanitarian disaster and emergency situations overseas. He has a vast experience in the discreet filming of funerals, burials, crematorium and remembrance services

Peter is also a freelance audio-visual engineer supporting clients with their audio-visual needs at conferences and presentations as well as being commissioned to do commercial and wedding videos - iDesign Wedding Videography

This is a very difficult time for all the family and friends.  Filming is always done in a discreet way, very often using small covert cameras which are not obvious or distracting

It is advisable to make others aware that filming will be talking place as some may find it a bit unusual and off putting

The editing of such films is done in a sensitive and sympathetic way. Covering all aspects of the day. Appropriate titles are put as an introduction and music is put at the beginning and end of the video.  Graphics from the 'order of service' is used on the printed inserts and the graphics on the video discs

As a broadcast cameraman and producer I have filmed many different types of funerals and remembrance services and have also filmed in humanitarian disaster situations overseas. I am very familiar with what is needed and how to capture the best

Live Streaming

This is a very difficult time with the spread and threat of the Coronavirus. Many people might not be able to make the funeral or advised to stay away from crowds

I am very experienced in Live Stream technology and have Live Streamed many events over the past few years. A web page is setup for you beforehand, so people can make sure they are 'tuned in' and then the service on the day, will be Live on that page

  • A personalised website link is set-up beforehand
  • You will be able to share the web address with friends and relatives
  • People with the link can watch on any internet access computer etc
  • People from around the world can view, if they have the link
  • Subject to reasonable internet access/mobile data coverage
  • One camera with a variety of microphones to catch audio
  • The video will also be available to view/download afterwards

Actual Live Stream broadcasting from graveside

To Live Stream Only - £225.00 + travel & travel time

Live Streaming Funerals is dependant upon areas which offer sufficient WiFi/Mobile data coverage. During your initial enquiry I will check according to postcode what the coverage is like. Problems are rare, but due to the nature of the internet, filming and transmission equipment plus clients own personal equipment used for receiving the funeral live stream, which can be subject to external influences that can cause interruption or disruption to the broadcasting of services. No guarantee is given that the live stream delivered over the internet will be uninterrupted or error-free

Filming is always record to ensure the ceremony is still captured just in case the feed is disrupted. The live stream video is available afterwards as a private link web video, if there has been problems with the live streaming, then the recorded video will be made available via a private link

Filming Package

filming funerals


Filming is done using professional cameras, I normally film from the back of the room with some discrete small cameras at the front. Multiple cameras are used during services and then edited together to cover from different angles

Radio mics are used to obtain good quality clear audio

A small camera on a steady gimbal is used when moving around

PLEASE NOTE: If filming is required in a Crematorium then permission to film may be needed

funeral timings


4 hours filming to cover the whole event (extra time can be arranged) is included as part of the basic package

Filming can start at the house/home and continue through to the Wake if needed

Coverage can also include cortage, crematorium services, flowers and full burials etc

The final video media, edited and produced, will be available within 4 days after event

final video media

Final Video Media

As part of the package, the final edited video is supplied as a video file on a USB memory stick.  The video file can be accessed on a Smart TV or computer

The final video can also be supplied:

  • Uploaded to the internet for viewing on a computer or mobile device around the world
  • On a DVD in a standard plastic case - printed in full colour with a full colour insert
  • On a BluRay disc - in a BluRay case, full colour printed
  • On further USB memory sticks in a small box


Live Streaming of Funeral/Remembrance/Grave Side
Live Streaming
£ 225.00
To Just Live Stream

The funeral/remembrance service/grave side will be Live Streamed to the internet so that anyone around the world with internet access can view in real time

This will be on condition that there will be a sufficient internet wifi access or mobile signal

The Live Streaming will be from one camera and multiple microphones

A web page will be prepared beforehand on which the stream can be viewed

The link to this web page will be sent in advance so that you can prepare

The final live stream video will be available as a private link to view afterwards

Coventry Funeral Videos Package
Filming of event
£ 350.00
Funeral Filming Package

This price is for:

A typical British funeral

Start at Church/Crematorium etc

Through to Wake

Coverage of up to 4 hours

Final video supplied on a USB memory stick


extras to basic funeral filming package

Extras to Funeral Filming Package

Mileage and travel time cost outside of the Midlands - £0.50/mile 

DVD printed in full colour with full colour insert in case - £17.50

BluRay disc in full colour BluRay case with full colour inlay - £40.00

Uploaded to the internet for viewing around the world via a computer or mobile device (private video) - £35.00

USB memory stick in a box - £22.50

Extra time above the 4 hours of package - £30/hour

Live Stream - £125.00

To find out if I am available, please call or text me

Peter: 079 7467 4815